Thursday, July 7, 2011

Jay's Graduation!

I'm very excited to say that my husband, James Daniel Moffett, has officially graduated from college! I couldn't be more proud! His graduation from Baptist Health was June 9th. Since then he has taken a job at Baptist Hospital in West Little Rock in the CT department. He absolutely loves it, so I'm glad he found a job he likes going to. He will be graduating from the University of Central Arkansas on August 12th with his Baccalaureate degree in Health Science. It is crazy to me how fast time has gone and that he is already graduating college. Seems like just yesterday when we moved him into his dorm for his first semester, which really was five years ago. Needless to say, I'm so proud of him!

Jay and his best friend, Kody. They crack me up!

Me and Jay... Sorry about weird fell :( haha

I've had the summer off from nursing school, but that has not
stopped me from taking other classes of course! Haha. I'm trying to get some classes out of the way for when I go on to RN school. So I'm taking this computer course which makes me feel completely dumb. Not that I don't know any of it, it's just that I do know it and to think people really don't know how to copy and paste or delete a sentence in a word document amazes me. I keep telling myself "ONLY ONE MORE MONTH!"

Jay is working different shifts to get the "feel" of what each shift does and I'm babysitting for two different families and subbing at the daycare in town so we stay really busy. When we finally go to bed we've been reading "Heaven is for Real" by Todd Burpo. I don't want to spoil it for those that may want to read it, but it is a really good book. On my days I have free time, I've been trying to read "The Excellent Wife" by Martha Pearce. It has definitely been an eye-opener for me. If anyone has read any good books lately, let me know... I would like to read some more before I start back to school full time.

I hope everyone is doing well! God Bless :)

Thursday, May 19, 2011

4 Months...

So, for four months I have obviously been consumed with school. I have finished my second semester of nursing school! Which I give all the glory to God, without him I wouldn't have been able to be confident during finals week. Jay has 13 days left of school! Yay! I thought it would never get here, but looking back over the last 5 years it wasn't as bad as I thought it was at times. We are so blessed! Finally, one of us is officially done with school.

This summer Jay is job hunting and I will be taking ONE class!

To celebrate Jay graduating and me graduating this December we are finally taking our fashionably late honeymoon! We are going on a seven day cruise to the Bahamas in January. I can't wait :)
Sweet Conner at Garvan Woodland Gardens Spring Break 2011!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Mount Magazine

Two weeks after we got married we decided to take a road trip to Mount Magazine in Paris, Arkansas. Seems like it took FOREVER to get there. It was foggy when we finally made it to the highest point in Arkansas :( We plan on going back sometime in the spring and stay at their lodge. It was very pretty and nice to get away

Our Wedding--November 6, 2010

It couldn't have been more perfect. The only thing that went wrong was that we ran out of plates... The absolute best day of my life :) Thanks to everyone that was apart of our day!

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Church Shower

Last Thursday and Friday, Mom and Tommy helped me and Jay move into our apartment. We had spent hours Thursday morning cleaning before we moved things in. I was so excited. It's our first place and it is tiny, but it couldn't be any more perfect. I will post pictures as soon as everything is in place and I have actually took pictures.

Last Sunday was our first wedding shower. God blessed us beyond belief! Many, many, many of our friends and family were there. I had such a good time opening gifts and I absolutely loved everything we got. To my suprise we didn't get a single croc-pot. At least I have two more showers to go! With the help of Mom, Karen (Jay's Mom), Danny (Jay's dad), Grammy (Jay's dad's mom), Aunt Johnnie (Jay's dad's aunt) and Meme (mom's mom) we were able to get all our gifts to the apartment where they invaded our entire living room. We have all but about 1/4 of it picked up. I am posting pictures of the shower at the end. So from now on I will

I can't believe we have 5 WEEKS, yes, I said weeks until we're married. The time is coming! I took my bridal pictures today at the capitol. Thanks to my awesome photographer I had such a good time. I am super excited about seeing the results Monday!

I hope everyone is doing well :)

Friday, August 13, 2010

85 DAYS!!!!!!

So it's a total of 85 days until we're married! I can't wait.. I finished my summer psychology class with an A :) This is my last weekend before I start school again. Oh nursing school.. how I've missed you. I'm so blessed that my awesome work is going to work around my school schedule and keep me this fall! PTL! So for this semester I will be planning the rest of my wedding, studying for school and working! JOY :) No, really, I'm super excited.

Since the last time I blogged, I have gained a brother. His name is Jacob. He's technically my step-cousin, but he has came to live with us. I have been a only child for twenty years, but for the next three months I will live with a 15 year-old boy! He's really nice and funny. We have became friends.

All is good thanks to God! I hope all is well for everyone..

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Well, we have a little less that four months until the wedding. I can't believe that! It seems like we just got engaged. We sent our our Save the Dates over the holiday weekend. Friday, Jay and I went to Little Rock to pick up three of the four bridesmaid dresses. I purchased my bridal shoes :) I was nervous because you couldn't return them so I was stepping out on a limb and praying that they were the right height for my dress. Tuesday, I went and tried them on with my dress and my prayers were answered. They were perfect! I'm so excited. I can't wait to marry my best friend:)